Enhanced Data

Immersive data visualization experiments powered by Three.js + Svelte + SvelteKit

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Inspired by the concept of a time spiral, OHLC data is mapped onto a helix with an adjustable pitch. Going beyond 2D candlestick charts, the 3rd dimension is used to encode trading volume in candle thickness.

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Combines a market screener and a portfolio tracker in a simple, unified design. The data distribution of the sorted column is visualized to provide an extended context for the current position in the dataset.

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Identifies clusters in fast streaming data via a density-based spatial clustering algorithm. Regression planes visualize how each of the 3 dimensions is predicted by the other 2 dimensions.

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Displays as much data as possible while providing deep control over the data density to ensure legibility. Pagination is used only when absolutely necessary.

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Computes correlation networks based on fast streaming data. To incentivize thinking in terms of ranges vs. point estimates, the edges visualize the lower and upper bounds of each correlation's confidence interval. Nodes and edges are clickable to obtain more information.

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Computes correlation coefficients and confidence intervals and clusters them hierarchically. To enable high-performance analysis of large datasets, adjustable 2D windowing is used to compute correlations for visible variables only (if clustering is disabled) and render only those to the DOM (irrespective of clustering).

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